Soar + Rise

This plumage inspired collection is created by a lengthy process of hand manipulating denim from its raw, utilitarian, classic, everyday textile into a dreamy, almost ethereal, unique and wearable piece of art.

Each feather is individually cut, shaped, and hand dyed to create a collection of vibrant tones and beautiful ombre effects, where no two pairs are ever exactly the same. Each set of feathers is then crafted into its final form, where it is embellished with semi-precious stones (some in the raw, some delicately cut to playfully reflect the light) gold beads and strands of golden chains.

The Rise & Soar collection embodies the heart, soul and meticulous artistry that defines Collections by Estelle. It is an homage to the plumage and natural adornments of the exquisite creatures of the wild– the light, airy quality perfectly balanced with the grounding beauty of gold and stone. To adorn our bodies with these unique creations is to embrace and embody the qualities they gracefully express.


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