Jewelry Care Guide

Much care has been taken in the creation of these unique pieces, to ensure the quality, feel, styling and your wearing pleasure. However, as with anything, exposure to the elements and general wear & tear can cause natural discoloration to even the finest jewelry.

Learning how to maintain and care for your jewelry can help restore the original shine to your favorite pieces.

The metals used are gold, gold plated and brass. Some metals may cause irritation for people with very sensitive skin.

  • Keep the jewelry dry. Please do not swim while wearing the jewelry.
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals
  • Apply perfumes and creams prior to putting your jewelry on
  • Avoid repeated heavy wear
  • If the feathers do get wet, simply lay them out flat to dry, and very gently brush the plumage to untangle any strands. **An old clean toothbrush works well

After continuous wear, the brass components of the jewelry can develop a black residue (this is oxidation). This is very easily fixed; simply polish with a jewelry cloth or jewelry polishing bar.

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